A Lonley Heart, A True Transgender Story
Hello my name is Alison Laura Goodman; my pen name is Susan Janet Barker.

I am a male to female transsexual.

This is a true story of my transgender journey, from my panic stricken beginnings to the full confidence and happy end.

I hope it is informative as well as a good read for all who are interested in the subject of transgender, cross-dressing and all related topics in between.

My name is Alison Laura Goodman and this is my story

This is the This is the 2nd Edition of A Lonley Heart, A True Transgender Story by Susan Janet Barker.
The Simple Wish has been published and is availible to buy, this is book 1 of the Society versus the Healers serries.

The enchanting new science fiction tale poses the ultimate question, “What would you wish for if you only had one wish?” The choices are infinite, and possibilities abound for readers who enjoy a mystical and exciting story.

Many wish for money or power, others for eternal life, some wish to fall in love, or to help others within humanity. This charming book has it all! Then suddenly, there is an apocalyptic planetary shift. Technology crashes and ceases to be effective, life changes and chaos prevails as magic replaces the industrial arts.

A small group from the age of engineering attempts to hide and endure as the sorcerers of a new era seek them out for total annihilation. Discover their shocking methods of concealment as they strive to survive.
The Wishblend Daggers has been published and is availible to buy, this is book 2 of the Society versus the Healers serries.

The story continues where The Simple Wish ends.
Simon Hill finds himself lost in a different solar system, but as he looks for clues to the location of Earth, he finds himself the focal point
in a much bigger war than the one back on Earth.
As he starts out making a living while he searches for the way home, he makes friends that become a family, but as the war heats up.  Is it
just his imagination or can he sense Janet’s hand in the background gently guiding him and his new family during the war.
Search for the Founder is book 3 has been published and is availible to buy, this is book 3 of the Society versus the Healers serries. 

Following the end of the Ciestoy war the Triangulum Galaxy’s solar systems are redistributed between the surviving groups, some with relief, some with uncertainty as the new independent systems start exploring their new won freedom.

Meanwhile Janet and Steve Barker find themselves stuck six thousand years in the past and while they are still trying to understand what happened, they are thrown into a battle between the Ciestoy and the Serpers.

The Star Surfer continues its journey in its search for Earth so Simon Hill can find his way home, while following the new signal that they found; Simon and Sarah uncover some startling truths.

Meanwhile on Earth after the Society tried to take control of the planet, resistance groups were formed to fight them.
Society versus The Healers Series
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Book 4 - Origin of the Serpers

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