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Hello my name is Alison Laura Goodman and I would like to tell you a bit about myself and the Wishblend universe.

At the time of writing this I am thirty seven years old and I am happy with the way my life has turned out so far.

I started my life as a male before transitioning to female in my early thirties and started to right my first book (The Daggermark) that did not turn out that well so I unpublished it to make it better for my readers, since then I have written three other books that I hope you will enjoy, the first is called
A Lonely Heart That is what I always refer to as my journey book and follows my journey through my sex change and voice operation.

The other three are my science fiction trilogy, the society verses the hearlers serries.

I live in Whetstone in the United Kingdom and while I am still struggling through everyday things I feel that I have found something that I like and enjoy by putting my theoretical inventions and ideas into print for you all to read and enjoy.

If you are looking for a book list, look on the book page, the order is from the top down / recently I have added a list of out of print / old books.

AL Goodman

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